Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince is a timeless story of pride, self interest, and the inevitable fall. But it is also the story of redemption.

The prince is a disagreeable lad with no motive higher than his own self-interest. He’d rather play than learn at his father’s side. He is disrespectful, insolent, and shuns all authority.

The king is concerned, that as the one to inherit his throne, the prince’s sense of self far exceeds any sense of justice. But what to do? He has been without mother; his nurse only helps to indulge his every whim.

Malcolm, the King’s councilor, proposes a course of action. With the King’s assent, he sends the young prince on a journey — a journey of growth. Finding himself in the position of others whom he had previously disregarded, the prince finds friendship, loyalty, humility, diligence, and a willingness to serve.

But when he again comes before his father, will it be as a selfless and just man prepared to be king?

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince by Sidney Baldwin is geared for a younger audience; however, this age-old story of redemption will appeal to all ages.

One moment more, sire…to tell you of the gratitude a boy owes to a man he once called ‘father,’ a man who showed naught but kindness to an impertinent child, who then thought himself above all others, who failed the man when put to the test. Oh, sire! That child has wished through many long hours that he might just once say, as now I say to you, ‘I did not understand. Your love for me was too great for me to understand, but now I see what then I was too young to know.’ In gratitude I give you the love of that boy for whom you did so much.

Sir Malcolm and the Missing Prince

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