Free Music Studies: Child's Own Book of Great Musicians

We have updated our free music studies that correspond to the Child’s Own Book of Great Musicians series by Thomas Tapper.

This series includes a free eBook download for each composer studied, including:

  • Bach.
  • Beethoven.
  • Chopin.
  • Grieg.
  • Haydn.
  • Mozart.
  • More!

Including the introduction, by covering one composer each week you’ll have 13 weeks of lessons — enough to fill one semester along with vacation days and holidays.

We have added a few more resources and updated the links. You’ll find parent/teacher suggestions, ideas for further investigation, hands-on and interactive activities, book recommendations, lesson plans and other units, and notebooking pages and printables.

We covered the composers in alphabetical order; however, we have also included a timeline for those who prefer to cover the series chronologically.


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