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  • Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Homeschooling: Taking the Road Less Traveled

    Dear children, We’re taking the road less traveled. Here’s why. This time of year typically finds a new group of families considering homeschooling their children for the first time. Along with wondering how it works (is it even legal?) and where you find books, they typically also have a variety of concerns: cost, academic quality,…

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  • 5 Tips: Working at Home?

    5 Tips: Working at Home?

    If you are considering working from home while home educating, here are 5 tips to consider to meet the needs of your family.

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  • What is My Vocation?

    What is My Vocation?

    Perhaps the answer lies in the way we ask the question. How do we know our vocation? Strictly speaking—and contrary to the way we pressure young people to ‘decide’ what they are going to do when they grow up—a vocation is not something we choose for ourselves. Rather, it is given by God, who ‘calls’…

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  • Doing the BIG Thing

    Doing the BIG Thing

    We get that call. You know, the one where we want to serve Christ with all of our heart, mind, and soul. We are ready to go. We promise to do what He wants, go where He leads, serve Him for His glory. We are ready to do the BIG thing. And then…. We find…

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  • Scheduling by Principle: 3 Tips for Getting It Done

    Scheduling by Principle: 3 Tips for Getting It Done

    You can use any planner if you remember these scheduling principles.

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  • Mentoring {Take #…I’ve Lost Count}

    Mentoring {Take #…I’ve Lost Count}

    We cannot refuse to put the hard work in of mentoring younger men and women, and then lambaste them because we don’t like the way they carry out their ministries. That’s not only counter-productive, it’s also, well, lazy, entitled, and self-obsessed. Is it a temptation for every generation to ignore the wisdom of the past,…

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  • Don’t Expect Perfection — At First

    Don’t Expect Perfection — At First

    Don’t expect perfection — at first. Good leaders give those they mentor room to make mistakes, room to grow.

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  • Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!

    Productive Alternative to a Gap Year: Run a Business!

    It has always been true, but perhaps with college having become a default societal setting it is even more obvious now — there are a vast number of students attending college with absolutely no idea why they are there! Unfortunately, many will leave deeply in dept, not terribly more skilled than when they started, and…

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  • Is Your Home a Heaven on Earth?

    Is Your Home a Heaven on Earth?

    The Bible uses home life and marriage as illustrations of God’s relationship with His church, with the people who follow Him. And when you live out your God-ordained roles and fulfill your God-given assignments at home others take notice and see proof of your special relationship with the Lord. Just think! You have the privilege…

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  • 6 Gift Ideas for Children

    6 Gift Ideas for Children

    Gifts with more staying power than the few minutes after the wrapping paper is thrown away!

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  • Celebrating Thanksgiving

    Celebrating Thanksgiving

    If you are looking for ideas for celebrating Thanksgiving this year, look no further! We’ve gathered dozens of great resources from around the web and added a few of our own on our Thanksgiving Holiday Helps page. You may also enjoy our 7 Thanksgiving Stories {Free Downloads} that we have put together — stories to…

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  • 9 Tips for Moving from Chaos to Peace

    9 Tips for Moving from Chaos to Peace

    There will be days when things are chaotic — but they should never be the rule in our homes or our lives! Here are 9 tips for moving from chaos to peace.

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  • Why Education Starts With the Heart

    Why Education Starts With the Heart

    When reading through a couple of books by favorite homeschool mentors, one thing that stood out to me is the premise at which they start. Education can mean nearly anything these days. But a true education has to begin on a true foundation. Apparently these two different mentors frequently found that, to some homeschool moms…

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  • Instilling a Proper View of Work

    Instilling a Proper View of Work

    Hopefully, our children will begin their careers with something more in mind than a job and a paycheck. We must not forget to instill a proper view of work.

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  • The Ministry at Home

    The Ministry at Home

    “Tell ye your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children another generation.” — Joel 1:3 This is our first duty, we are to begin at the family hearth: he is a bad preacher who does not commence his ministry at home…. To teach our children is a personal duty;…

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  • 10 Reasons Why You are Your Child’s Best Teacher

    10 Reasons Why You are Your Child’s Best Teacher

    You don’t have to worry about school reform, specialized training, educational psychology, classroom management, or a host of other burdens teachers today face. You can simply teach your own child. The best form of education is individualized one-on-one tutoring. That is what we do when we educate our children at home. Because you are your…

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  • “Classical Education for Christians”

    “Classical Education for Christians”

    Mr. Wilson addresses three approaches to classical education: The classically trained Christian student doesn’t have to hide from history.

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  • The Key to Being Truly Productive

    The Key to Being Truly Productive

    You’d think with all of the focus we’d have this productivity thing figured out! The key to being truly productive.

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  • Loving the Unlovable

    Loving the Unlovable

    You know people like this. How are we to treat the unlovable?

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  • On Being a Model

    On Being a Model

    I cannot say “our” if I live only for myself in a spiritual, watertight compartment. I cannot say “Father” if I do not endeavor each day to act like His child. I cannot say “who art in heaven” if I am laying up no treasure there. I cannot say “hallowed be Thy name” if I…

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  • Educating Ourselves: Where to Start?

    Educating Ourselves: Where to Start?

    We’ve made the case for educating ourselves. But many are left with the question: how? For me, educating myself started with a few good mentors and a stack of books. When we first began traveling down the homeschooling road, I didn’t know any better than to continue doing what I had been doing since my…

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  • Why We Need to Practice the Art of Educating

    Why We Need to Practice the Art of Educating

    Take for example the realm of music. A man may play a piece of great music quite accurately, he may make no mistakes at all, and yet it may be true to say of him that he did not really play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. He played the notes correctly, but it was not the Sonata.…

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  • Favorite Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Favorite Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Here is one of those simple pleasures that we sort of stumbled upon around here. We love chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven — the kind you can dunk in your coffee or milk without compromising the structural integrity of the cookie. And we really enjoy making them for a quick break or…

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  • Perseverance … Again.

    Perseverance … Again.

    Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time. Thomas A. Edison True for our children as much as it is true for us!

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  • Being Deliberate

    Being Deliberate

    Time passes so quickly.  I don’t think this is something we can really appreciate until we are slightly out of the forest — you know, the one with the trees that keep you from seeing the big picture.  Then we really start to notice how long things take, how little missteps add up, how a…

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  • 10 Kitchen Gift Gadgets

    10 Kitchen Gift Gadgets

    10 kitchen gift gadgets — tried-and-true time savers around our own kitchen.

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