Summer Fun Activity: Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent

Ah, summer — picnics, camping, outdoor games, holiday celebrations … and mosquitoes!  While you are looking for something to keep little hands busy between outdoor fun activities, experiment with different ways of making your own mosquito repellant! While you are at it, you can learn what causes mosquitoes to prefer one person over another, andContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Make Your Own Mosquito Repellent”

Summer Fun Activity: Solar Observation

Summer is a great time to observe the sun!  (No — of course, not directly!) Seeing the Invisible: A Lesson Giving Students an Opportunity to Discover Ultraviolet and Infrared Radiation Coming From the Sun is a free solar observation lesson from NASA. Using an engage-explore-explain-elaborate-evaluate framework, this 24-page download includes three activities and two experimentsContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Solar Observation”

Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar

When the summer ends, the school supplies are brought back out, and the pencils are all sharpened…is the first thing your child looks forward to that “What I Did This Summer” report?  I think not.  Try something new!  Make a summer memory jar! This Martha Stewart memory jar idea can easily be adapted to holdContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Summer Memory Jar”

Summer Fun Activity: Explore the Ocean

It is not often that you get first-hand side-by-side help from a homeschool veteran in creating your own DIY unit! In the June 2013 edition of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, Jessica Hulcy, creator of KONOS unit study curriculum, walks you through designing your own ocean unit study.  You’ll understand how vast the ocean is, exploreContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Explore the Ocean”

Summer Fun Activity: Create Pure Water With a Solar Still

Solar stills have long been used as a method of emergency water purification.  A hole is dug in the earth until damp soil is reached, or damp soil is placed at the bottom of a homemade still.  The hole or still is then covered with plastic.  As the sun shines through the plastic, the waterContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Create Pure Water With a Solar Still”

Summer Fun Activity: Make a Nature Walk Bracelet

Making a nature walk bracelet is great idea from Martha Stewart that can make a summer nature walk memorable! As your child collects small nature treasures, they can be attached to a cute sticky-tape bracelet.  Later, plastic can be adhered to the top of the bracelet to preserve the collection.  The location of the walkContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Make a Nature Walk Bracelet”

Summer Fun: Easy Homemade Ice Cream {Roll the Can}

What could be more fun during the summer than eating ice cream?  And even making ice cream can be a learning experience! Kids Cooking Activities has easy ice cream recipes (scroll down): Vanilla. Chocolate. Strawberry. Peppermint. Mint chocolate chip. An easy ice cream version. Use the “roll the can” method of making ice cream whileContinue reading “Summer Fun: Easy Homemade Ice Cream {Roll the Can}”

Summer Fun Activity: Build a Solar Oven

Not only educational and fun, but building your own solar oven can provide tasty summer treats! This free download from NASA explains how to build a simple solar oven out of a cardboard pizza box, some aluminum foil, and plexiglass. Once you have completed your solar oven, enjoy hot dogs, or nachos or the S’moresContinue reading “Summer Fun Activity: Build a Solar Oven”