Bloom's & Critical Thinking {Complete Series}

We have updated our entire Bloom’s & Critical Thinking series.  The purpose of the series is to provide ideas on how to incorporate critical thinking skills across the curriculum — all of the subjects, interests, and activities that our children are engaged in throughout the day.  Most of these ideas are pulled from a natural learning model:

  • Discover our child’s current interest.
  • Feed the interest.
  • And begin the adventure of requiring more from the student in the way of interacting with what he knows (applying, analyzing, creating, etc.).

If you are new to Bloom’s Taxonomy, you’ll find helpful resources in the series introduction.

From there you’ll find at each level:

  • Action verbs to help us motivate our students.
  • Suggested example activities that demonstrate putting those verbs into action.
  • A natural learning example application (for example, narration at the recall level).
  • Additional resources to make it happen.

Hopefully this series will provide some encouragement to those looking for ways to incorporate these ideas while pulling together their own studies!

Additional Resources

3 Ways to Develop Critical Thinking Skills
Additional ideas.

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