Activity: Collect Vocabulary

We’ve already provided 5 ideas toward a richer vocabulary.  The takeaway is that developing a rich vocabulary is directly correlated to the amount of attention paid to it.  In other words, a rich vocabulary is dependent upon the habit of collecting words.  So let’s get to it:  Collect Vocabulary! Suggestions Some of us are simplyContinue reading “Activity: Collect Vocabulary”

Find It! ~ Index

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Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}

Also from Cornell! Thirty-one page Amazing Birds Teacher Manual download from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that goes with the free Amazing Birds Student Manual we’ve already linked to provides teaching ideas, background information, resource links, and much more! The helpful sidebar includes: Concepts covered. Vocabulary. Evaluation goals. Materials needed. The teacher manual includes linksContinue reading “Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}”

Cloud Studies {Free eBook}

Cloud Studies by Arthur W. Clayden is an excellent introduction to clouds that begins with the language and classification of clouds while at the same time encouraging observation. Written by the then principal of the Royal Albert Memorial College at Exeter, the author sought to bring cloud science out of its infancy: The observational partContinue reading “Cloud Studies {Free eBook}”

Wheeler’s Elementary Speller {Free eBook}

Back in 2012, we recommended Wheeler’s Graded Studies in Great Authors as an excellent dictation and spelling resource — a natural way to focus on spelling by copying great authors. Now we turn to Wheeler’s Elementary Speller published in 1901 by the same author. The Elementary Speller focuses on phonetic spelling while still using theContinue reading “Wheeler’s Elementary Speller {Free eBook}”