The Children’s Book of Birds {Free eBook}

As we were updating our free nature studies, we came across this excellent title: The Children’s Book of Birds by Olive Thorne Miller. This free eBook combines two books the author had written into one, but the books are separately delineated in this title. Illustrations include sixteen color plates that go along with normal lifeContinue reading “The Children’s Book of Birds {Free eBook}”

Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}

Also from Cornell! Thirty-one page Amazing Birds Teacher Manual download from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that goes with the free Amazing Birds Student Manual we’ve already linked to provides teaching ideas, background information, resource links, and much more! The helpful sidebar includes: Concepts covered. Vocabulary. Evaluation goals. Materials needed. The teacher manual includes linksContinue reading “Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}”

A Book of Birds {Free eBook}

  Here is one for the younger crowd: A Book of Birds, free eBook download, illustrated by British artist Carton Moore Park. The twenty-six featured birds include those most likely to be interesting to young readers: Flamingo. Vulture. Penguin. Eagle. Heron. Chicken. Raven. Goose. Pelican. Duck. Parrot. Owl. More! The brief introduction to each birdContinue reading “A Book of Birds {Free eBook}”

Fifty Birds of Town and City {Free eBook}

Fifty Birds of Town and City by Bob Hines is a beautiful full-color identification guide published by the U.S. Department of the Interior Fish and Wildlife Service available for free download. This beautifully illustrated book covers the fifty most common birds in the United States listed alphabetically. Interestingly, when the book was first published inContinue reading “Fifty Birds of Town and City {Free eBook}”

Free Nature Studies: Landlord to the Birds

Read the current chapter: “Landlord to the Birds” Takeaway: We can be good landlords to the birds by providing shelter, a place to bathe, and a consistent supply of food in the winter. Suggestions Take a “bird census” by finding out which birds overwinter in your area. Search the bird guide for all ofContinue reading “Free Nature Studies: Landlord to the Birds”

Free Nature Studies: Hunting Birds With Eyes & Camera

Read the current chapter online: “Hunting Birds With Eyes and Camera” The section on birds is broken into three parts; the first part is a general introduction, the second part focuses on birds that act as “guardians,” and part three is concerned with how to feed and care for birds.  Various types of birds areContinue reading “Free Nature Studies: Hunting Birds With Eyes & Camera”