Child’s Book of American Biography {Free eBook}

Just as with science, for the younger years we advocate learning history through reading biographies, while the critical skills of reading and writing are being developed. Here is another free eBook to get you started. The Child’s Book of American Biography by Mary Stoyell Stimpson will take you through the lives of thirty Americans. InContinue reading “Child’s Book of American Biography {Free eBook}”

Mount Rushmore National Memorial {Free eBook}

Mount Rushmore National Memorial: A Monument Commemorating the Conception, Preservation, and Growth of the Great American Republic was published by the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Society of Black Hills in 1946. Civilization, even its fine arts, is, most of it, quantity-produced stuff; education, law, government, wealth—each is enduring only as the day. Too little ofContinue reading “Mount Rushmore National Memorial {Free eBook}”

Nat the Navigator {Free eBook}

Nat the Navigator: The Life of Nathaniel Bowditch for Young Persons is a biography of Bowditch written by his son. The book, pulling extensively from journals, covers Bowditch’s life chronologically from his birth and childhood through his death at age 65. Nathaniel Bowditch wrote the book on navigation — literally. The American Practical Navigator wasContinue reading “Nat the Navigator {Free eBook}”

DNA & Genetics: A Unit Study

On September 13, 1994, President Bill Clinton signed the Federal Crime Bill, which included the U.S. DNA Identification Act. This act authorized the establishment of a national index to keep track of DNA samples taken from convicted criminals and to allow for the analysis of DNA samples from crime scenes and unidentified human remains. DNAContinue reading “DNA & Genetics: A Unit Study”

Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science {Free eBook}

Here is a very well-written biography of Leonardo da Vinci that goes nicely with our free unit study. Leonardo da Vinci, Pathfinder of Science written by Henry Sampson Gillette is part of the Immortals of Science series published by Franklin Watts. Told in story form, this is a great read aloud or early introduction toContinue reading “Leonardo da Vinci: Pathfinder of Science {Free eBook}”

Free Civics Studies Lesson 15: The National Capital

Read the current chapter online: “The National Capital” Suggestions Learn more about the history of the Smithsonian and its benefactor, James Smithson. Learn more about the Marine band. If you are keeping a Latin notebook, you can add caput and the definition. Graph the ten largest cities in the United States by population. Learn moreContinue reading “Free Civics Studies Lesson 15: The National Capital”

Free Civic Studies Lesson 14: The Citizen

Read the current chapter online: “The Citizen” Suggestions Narration: Explain the meaning of “the well-balanced law-maker becomes so only through experience and growth.” At the time the book was written, women did not have the right to vote. This was changed with the passing of the 19th amendment to the Constitution. View a timeline ofContinue reading “Free Civic Studies Lesson 14: The Citizen”

Free Civic Studies Lesson 12: The Flag

Read the current chapter online: “The Flag of the Union” Suggestions Learn more about the flag flying over the Capitol Building. Make a flip book explaining the four things the author says the flag means: possession, protection, pride, and patriotism. Use alliteration to create a one-stanza poem about the flag similar to the one onContinue reading “Free Civic Studies Lesson 12: The Flag”

Free Civics Studies Lesson 10: The Departments of Justice, Interior, & Agriculture

Read the current chapter online: “The Departments of Justice, Interior, & Agriculture” Suggestions Rock Creek Park was the third park established by the government and was authorized in 1890. View the final outcome. View a photo of the Department of Justice Building. Compare and contrast the roles and duties of the Supreme Court with thoseContinue reading “Free Civics Studies Lesson 10: The Departments of Justice, Interior, & Agriculture”

Free Civics Studies Lesson 6: The House of Representatives

Read the current chapter online: “The House of Representatives” Suggestions Learn more about Statuary Hall. Learn more about the Old Hall of the House (now Statuary Hall). View Westward the Course of Empire Takes Its Way, the mural by Leutze that can be seen in the House Wing stairway. Learn more about the House Chamber.Continue reading “Free Civics Studies Lesson 6: The House of Representatives”