5 Colorful DK Books ~1.99!

DK books are used by countless home educators as a spine for children studying science and nature. These five interactive books are part of the Nature Explorers series: Explore Nature with Fun Facts and Activities.

The Nature Explorers series is essential for any child curious about the world outside. Each book in the series takes children through the basics of the subject, starting by explaining what it is and then moving on to the key topics. These are wonderful introductions to the great outdoors, packed with fun facts and engaging activities, ideal for children aged 6 and up.

DK books are known for their complete information and colorful illustrations. Titles in the series include:

DK FLowers

Includes keeping a flower journal.

DK Insects and Spiders

Insects and Spiders
Includes capturing, identifying, and using a magnifying glass to view up close.

Woodland and Forest

Woodland and Forest
Helpful for identifying trees.

DK Seashore

Includes making a profile of the shore, learning about waves, and making a paper boat. Also covers how rocks are made.

DK Birds

Helpful for identifying birds by their beaks and feet. Includes instructions for drawing a bird.

Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies and Moths
Helpful for identifying butterflies and moths, drawing them, and making a butterfly.

Additional Resources
Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World

Free Nature Studies: Our Wonderful World
You’ll find all kinds of resources that will go well with the DK books above!

The First Book of … Series
These books printed 50 years ago were the “DK books” of their time. Many are still available as free eBooks in the public domain:

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