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Things to Do: May

Things to Do: May Update

Things to Do: May

We have updated our May learning calendar for 2023. In May we wrap up the year, plan for a new year, and get outside to run off excess energy! You’ll find all kinds of resources to help you enjoy this fun time of year, including:

  • 34 natural learning activities with your preschooler.
  • 19 free eBooks.
  • 17 favorite finds.
  • 14 teaching tips on creativity, productivity, and the geography reading list.
  • 14 of our free units including tornadoes, comets, and limericks.
  • 10 things to put in your nature journal.
  • 7 easy summer learning strategies.
  • 3 book studies including making Stone Soup.
  • And ideas for enjoying Memorial Day!

Updated links. Lots of new resources. Enjoy!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month!

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