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Shells and Pebbles ~ Free eBook

Shells and Pebbles ~ Free eBook

Shells and Pebbles ~ Free eBook

What types of things do you find along the seashore? Ships and sails, waves and rocks, and shells and pebbles!

Follow young Henry Miller and his father along a walk along a seashore where they encounter all types of unusual things:

  • Cormorants.
  • The salty sea.
  • Sponges.
  • Seaweed.
  • Shellfish.
  • Tides.
  • Barnacles.
  • Various shells.
  • Much more!

The book is written to convey knowledge through story. And it covers quite a bit of territory. It can be interesting to simply read aloud (especially for those who don’t normally have access to the sea). Most young children will be delighted at the wonders Henry sees.

Enjoyable and free!

Free eBook

  • There are no chapters and the book is not divided in any way. While most families could complete the book in one day, because of the wealth of topics covered it might be better to follow Henry’s days. You can pick these out by the transitions (“not many days after,” “the next day,” “in a few days”).
  • For each reading make a list of the things Henry collects. What else did he see that day?
  • There may be too many things to investigate thoroughly but no doubt there WILL be questions. Follow one of these trails to satisfaction!
  • Older children can keep their own collections in a notebook.

Additional Resources

Creation Museum’s Collection of Exotic Shells
Slideshow of an amazing collection of shells from a founding member of the Miami Malacological Society.

The Crow and the Pitcher
Those pebbles can be quite useful! (Fun aside.)

DK Seashore

This interactive/hands-on book is part of the DK Nature Explorers series.

The Sea Shore {Free eBook}
Go-along option for older students.

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