The Child’s Illuminated Prayer Book ~ Free

The Child's Illuminated Prayer Book ~ Free
The Child's Illuminated Prayer Book ~ Free

This really is a beautiful book! Published in 1846, the copy we have access to shows its age a bit. But we have included retouched images that hopefully will help you and your family enjoy this free Child’s Illuminated Prayer Book.

Subtitled, First Book of Prayers for Children, the short text includes:

  • Our Father.
  • The Apostle’s Creed.
  • Morning and evening prayers.
  • Grace before and after meals.
  • Prayers for friends.
  • The Ten Commandments.
  • Morning and evening hymns.

The descriptive index in the back explains each plate.

The object of the present little book is to place before children those Prayers, Hymns, &c. which it is necessary for every young child to learn as the first early lesson in religion, in a form which, by the prettiness and adaptiveness of the illustrations, may at once tend to interest the child in the learning of the Prayers, and at the same time to refine the mind in teaching its first lessons in taste….

These prayers lend themselves very well to copywork. They can also be used with Drawing and Writing paper to create illustrated copy pages or narrations.

For a more modern version, you may enjoy Prayer for a Child by Rachel Field (see below) that won the 1945 Caldecott Medal.

Beautiful resource! And free!

Free eBook

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Review: Prayer for a Child
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