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7 Free Writing Lessons for December

7 Free Writing Lessons for December

Here is a free download with 7 writing lessons for December taken from Write Something Every Day.

This set covers:

  1. Reviewing the best book read this year.
  2. Writing from impact.
  3. Researching and recording information about Christmas symbols.
  4. Finishing a winter-themed story.
  5. Creating an acronym associated with Christmas.
  6. Writing a character description of Scrooge from Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.
  7. Exploring similes.

The lessons are complete in themselves, however, they do not include the over 60 pages of writing instruction included in the book. (Using this site you should be able to navigate with no problem.)

We have lowered the cost of Write Something Every Day through the holidays, so readers can pick up a copy and be ready to start with more lessons on January 1.


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Write Something Every Day

366 Pencil Sharpeners For Students Of Writing

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