The Worst Jokes I Know ~ On Sale

The Worst Jokes I Know
The Worst Jokes I Know

The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know A Lot) by B. Patrick Lincoln is a collection of “101 Plus Funny Bone Ticklers for Jokesters of All Ages” that answers the lighthearted questions in life. Update: The sale has ended.

Children love jokes. They love to laugh. And in sharing jokes they develop all types of skills. This collection of jokes is meant to be shared.

This updated version includes color illustrations and dozens of new jokes.

Children like to feel the joke coming, in this way; they love the anticipation of a laugh, and they will begin to dimple, often, at your first unconscious suggestion of humor. If it is lacking, they are sometimes afraid to follow their own instincts. Especially when you are facing an audience of grown people and children together, you will find that the latter are very hesitant about initiating their own expression of humor. It is more difficult to make them forget their surroundings then, and more desirable to give them a happy lead. Often at the funniest point you will see some small listener in an agony of endeavor to cloak the mirth which he—poor mite—fears to be indecorous. Let him see that it is “the thing” to laugh, and that everybody is going to.

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