Common Trees ~ Free eBook

Common Trees ~ Free eBook
Common Trees ~ Free eBook

Common Trees of Pennsylvania is a public domain (free) eBook published by the Department of Environmental Resources in Pennsylvania in 1971. DIY homeschool moms will find it a gem because of the diagrams, illustrations, and vocabulary!

The selection of 50 native trees and 4 introduced species described in this booklet was based chiefly on numerical occurrence and value for timber, shade or ornamental purposes.

The first two plates … show the types and arrangements of leaves. Outstanding features of individual trees are described in simplified wording and illustrated by accompanying sketches.

We start off right at the beginning with a diagram of the functions of various parts of a tree (leaves, heartwood, roots, etc.).

Next up is a small glossary to help with terms to be encountered.

Two illustrations follow showing the types of leaves (simple, compound), and leaf arrangements (opposite, whorled, etc.).

Finally, the meat of the book is taken up with the over 50 types of trees, including their:

  • Common name.
  • Scientific name.
  • Leaves.
  • Twigs.
  • Fruit.
  • General characteristics.

The book is a great help to those keeping a tree notebook. The illustrations can be printed or a student can use them to draw his own.

An index in the back will help you find specific trees you may be looking for.

The trees covered will likely not include some common to your area if you live on the west coast. Nevertheless, the illustrations will still be very valuable!

Perfect fit for the tree portion of our free nature studies!

Free eBook

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