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Things to Do: August

Things to Do: August 2022

Things to Do: August

We have updated our August learning calendar for 2022. In August, we are typically wrapping up summer and looking ahead to a more routine existence! To that end, you’ll find fun, end-of-summer activities, but also some great resources as we plan ahead:

  • 20 free eBooks.
  • 15 tips for building concentration — great for transitioning from summer to focused!
  • 15 favorite finds.
  • 10 free public domain read alouds for the pre-K to 2 group.
  • 10 End of Summer ideas.
  • 10 ways to incorporate music appreciation in the year ahead.
  • 10 ways to learn during car trips.
  • 9 ways to keep ’em learning including summer fun activities for keeping hands busy and minds engaged with watermelon science, safe sun activities, and teddy-to-the-beach wrap-up cupcakes!
  • 7 tips for choosing materials that will meet your family’s needs.
  • 7 teaching tips including building a writer and teaching a child to read the natural way.
  • 5 of our free unit studies including fruits and veggies, and Smokey Bear and fire safety.
  • 5 poetry activities including poems by Robert Louis Stevenson and Christina G. Rossetti.
  • 6 tips for creating a workable schedule.
  • 3 book activities including Blueberries for Sal.
  • Free set of notebooking pages that goes with the free eBook Grammarland.
  • Free set of nature journal notebooking pages.

Updated links. New resources. Enjoy!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month

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