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Rejuvenate This Summer

Rejuvenate This Summer

Rejuvenate This Summer

Whether you are taking a week or two break or a couple of months off, summer is a great time to get rejuvenated! Here are a few tips to help you rejuvenate this summer:


Summer is a great time to learn or relearn what it means to educate — to touch base with why you want to home educate in the first place, and refocus on those things that are most important as a tutor. Revisit what worked and what didn’t. Think of solutions to those things that were difficult last year.

Sizzling Summers {8 Ideas for Making the Most of Summer}

Even those of us who homeschool year round take a break at some point in the summer. Whether you are enjoying a brief summer reprieve or a full blown summer vacation, you’ll enjoy these ideas for making the most of those hot summer days. 1. Take a break! Use the summer to enjoy your family!…

A Homeschooled Mom

As a mother who educates her children at home, I cannot give my children what I do not possess. I have to become a homeschooled mom.


Homeschooling can really zap the creative juices. By the time summer rolls around most of us need a serious break. How do you stay creative? Here are a few ideas.

12 Ideas for Inspiring Creativity

It is easy to fall into a rut — doing the same things day in and day out. Ready to liven things up a bit? 12 ideas for inspiring creativity:


One you have rested and become inspired, then it is time to pull out that schedule and get ready for next year. Planning is easier when you can focus on specific needs.

Planning for a New Year

No question — having a plan is essential to meeting our goals! But here are a few cautions I can pass along, based on personal experience!

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