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The Bible Period by Period ~ Free eBook

The Bible Period by Period ~ Free eBook

The Bible Period by Period by Josiah B. Tidwell can be used as the basis for Bible study for older students.

Written by a former Professor of Biblical Literature at Baylor University in the early 1900s, the author’s intent was to create a way to study the Bible rather than things about the Bible:

…[S]everal years of teaching the Bible to a multitude of students has convinced the writer that what is needed most is a study of the Bible itself rather than things about it. Having this in mind this little volume presents only a small amount of introductory discussion. It offers instead a large number of topics for study and discussion. By following the suggestions for study which they offer the student may gain a working knowledge of the contents of Biblical history.

The Bible Period by Period

The book is divided into 21 chapters corresponding to 21 periods from Creation to the destruction of the temple and the death of John. Each chapter recounts the main themes, then moves on to truths or teachings that can be gleaned from each period.

Finally, the author provides points of study and discussion. These numbered items would make perfect prompts for written narrations, essays, or oral narrations and discussion.

The book includes enough material to provide for a full year of Bible study for an older student. For those with a deeper interest the material could easily be expanded to more than one year of study.


Since the book is aimed at students, the following tools may be helpful in adequately covering the material by creating a Bible notebook:

The author frequently refers to an earlier work for more detailed exploration. We have included that book (also free) below.

Bible study for older students already laid out for you…and free!

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