Things to Do: November 2021

Things to Do: November
Things to Do: November

We have updated our November learning calendar for 2021. In November, we give thanks, enjoy family, and share stories and celebrations. It is also a great time for crafts!

Our learning calendar includes resources to help you enjoy the Thanksgiving time of year:

  • 18 free eBooks.
  • 7 favorite finds that include six Thanksgiving-themed downloads!
  • 7 free Thanksgiving short stories to download.
  • 6 activities including making pumpkin pie in a cup.
  • 6 favorite Thanksgiving read-aloud books.
  • 5 of our free unit studies including telescopes.
  • 5 favorite book reviews.
  • 5 teaching tips including choosing and/or supplementing a math program.
  • 4 poetry studies.
  • 3 writing helps including copying and note-taking.
  • And 8 ideas for enjoying the Thanksgiving holidays!

Also check out our Thanksgiving Holiday Helps!

Updated links. Lots of new resources. Enjoy!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month!
Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month