Animated Engines ~ Free

Animated Engines ~ Free

Sometimes you just have to see it to understand it. If you have a student with a mechanical interest, Animated Engines is sure to be a hit.

Twenty-one different engines are animated. By clicking through on each one you can learn more about how they work.

Among the engines covered:

  • 2-stroke.
  • 4-stroke.
  • Diesel.
  • Steam locomotive.
  • Jet propulsion.
  • Watt beam.

This is a perfect learning tool for summer! And if you really want to beef it up, cover an engine each day and add it to an engine notebook.

You’ll also find these animated engines go well with our Internal Combustion and Steam Locomotive unit studies.

  • Create an engine notebook.
  • Use Drawing and Writing paper to illustrate each engine and describe how it works.
  • Find one engine of particular interest to investigate further. Use the Bibliography to learn more.
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