Nests & Eggs: Whippoorwill

Nests & Eggs: Whippoorwill

Plate 23: Whippoorwill

Antrostomus vociferus

Nests & Eggs: Whippoorwill

Very useful ‘animated insect trap’ with a monotonous and recognizable call.

The Whip-poor-will is never seen flying high in the sky, and the absence of white spots in the wings always distinguishes it from the Nighthawk. To find the Whip-poor-will one must go to the deep woods where, in a quiet tangle of ferns and bushes, a dark brown, silent-winged creature may fly from the leaves, to flutter a few rods farther on, and drop again to the ground. The well-known song which is given with such constancy and fervor on spring and summer nights may be written chuck, whip-poor-wee-ah, chuck, whip-poor-wee-ah. Sometimes the song is repeated two hundred times or more without cessation.

An Introduction to the Birds of Pennsylvania
  • Print out the notebooking pages provided below.
  • Read the Whip-poor-will story in Bird Biographies out loud.
  • Have a younger student orally narrate what was read. He can then copy a few lines of his narration onto the notebooking pages.
  • Older students can read the text, Plate XXIII: Whippoorwill, and provide a written narration.
  • Sketch the bird. This encourages attention to detail, which will aid in identifying the bird later on. Another option is to use the printables provided below.
  • Sketch the nest of the bird, along with the eggs. Note where the nest is usually found.
  • Older students can include the taxonomy.
  • Learn more about the Whip-poor-will at Cornell.
  • On one notebooking page note the facts:
    • Description.
    • Habitat.
    • Range.
    • Food.
    • Nest.
    • Eggs.
    • Call.
  • The Whippoorwill is covered in The Burgess Bird Book: CHAPTER XXIII. Some Big Mouths.
Additional Resources

30 Narration Ideas
At some point you might appreciate some variety.

The Bird Study sections of our free nature study series: Our Wonderful World:

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Printables & Notebooking Pages

Whippoorwill Notebooking Pages
Free simple notebooking set.

Bird picture for notebook.

Whip-poor-will Range Map
For notebook from Cornell.

Bird Facts Notebooking Page
One option in a more graphic organizer style that is especially nice for noting the facts and range.

Enjoy the entire series: