The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction

Birdhouse Construction
Birdhouse Construction

Here is a title that provides quite a bang for the buck. The Complete Book of Birdhouse Construction for Woodworkers by Scott D. Campbell published by Dover is an inexpensive book (and currently discounted) that provides complete, “down-to-the-last-detail” instructions for building quality birdhouses.

We recommend this book as a go-along to the Landlord to the Birds section that covers making bird shelters and feeders, among other bird-related projects.

From our review:

For those who would like to build their own birdhouses, this book covers complete construction information, matching bird and birdhouse, nesting birds and their requirements, complete detailed design/plan information with dimensions, and placement of birdhouse. Perfect for parents and children to make together!

Topics covered include:

  • Basic construction information including materials, tips, and techniques.
  • Proper bird housing charts (right house for the bird of interest).
  • Detailed design suggestions for several different birds.
  • Birdhouse placement and addressing other concerns.

If the geographic location is right, if the box design is correct, if the house placement is adequate, and if the available local habitat is satisfactory, the chances of attracting [a variety of] species should be good to excellent….

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