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Gail Gibbon's Science Educator Guides ~ Free!

Gail Gibbons Educator Guides ~ Free!

Gail Gibbon's Science Educator Guides ~ Free!

We have always enjoyed books by Gail Gibbons! Her science books explain sometimes difficult concepts in an easy to understand way. And they are always beautifully illustrated. Now you can download educator guides to go with her books ~ free!

The first one features educator instructions for a different book each month:

  • January: Dinosaurs
  • February: Weather
  • March: Seasons
  • April: Horses
  • May: Plants
  • June: Butterflies
  • July: Sea Turtles
  • August: Frogs
  • September: Apples
  • October: Pumpkins
  • November: Thanksgiving
  • December: The Planets

Each month features a little bit about the books, a variety of different activities, and a printable.

The other free educator guide offers two worksheet activities for:

  • Coral reefs.
  • Snakes.
  • Dinosaurs.
  • Galaxies.
  • Corn.

There is also a culminating activity for review.

If you are looking for easy-to-understand science titles for the K–3 crowd, check out all of Gail Gibbons books. And then enjoy these wonderful educator guides ~ free!

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