Things to Do: January 2021

Things to Do: January

Things to Do: January
We have updated our January learning calendar for 2021. This month’s “things to do” include:

  • 18 free eBooks.
  • 8 of our unit studies including Winnie-the-Pooh and Edison’s light bulb — along with state units for Kansas, Connecticut, and Alaska.
  • 2 book activities: Tree in the Trail and Seabird by Holling C. Holling.
  • 3 poetry studies including Frost and Tennyson.
  • 10 winter nature study activities.
  • 5 favorite finds.
  • 3 reading list resources.
  • 8 teaching tips covering fitness, lifelong learning, and teaching writing.
  • And 4 things you need to know to educate your children.




Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month!

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