Things to Do: September 2020

Things to Do: September

Things to Do: September
We have updated our September learning calendar for 2020. This time of year everything is fresh and new — from the points on our pencils to the smell of new crayons. So we have gathered all kinds of resources to brighten your new school year, including:

  • 19 free eBooks.
  • 8 of our free unit studies including the Chicago World’s Fair, Grandma Moses, and genetics.
  • 10 favorite finds.
  • 6 book activities including Make Way for Ducklings, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, and Ginger Pye.
  • 17 teaching tips for staying organized, writing a book review, developing life skills, and doing something creative with your child’s artwork.
  • Free Drawing & Writing notebooking pages download.

Updated links. Lots of new resources. Enjoy!


Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month