Tropical Fish Handbook ~ Free eBook

Tropical Fish Handbook ~ Free eBook
Tropical Fish Handbook ~ Free eBook

Everyone needs a hobby. Maintaining an aquarium is not only educational but also restful! If you can’t get outside, you can bring nature right into your own living room. The Tropical Fish Handbook, a free eBook in the public domain, will get you started!

A book of practical information for the beginner, containing illustrations and descriptions of Tropical Fish, Goldfish, Scavengers, Turtles and Aquarium Accessories.

If you have ever maintained a fish tank, you know that keeping the fish happy and healthy is a must. For the beginner, it is important to stock your tank with the right type of fish right at the beginning. With this in mind, the Tropical Fish Handbook starts right off with the right fish list:

For the beginner, the happy family collection is of most interest. Here in one large tank he can observe the interesting habits, shapes and colors of a great variety of fish. If he desires he may remove them to separate tanks during breeding periods. The danger of cross breeding in the community tank is practically eliminated by the presence of a pair of each species.

From there, the book moves on to selecting the right aquarium and preparing the aquarium for fish. Next up comes a description of plants and scavengers that can be added.

The largest portion of the book focuses on 32 various types of tropical fish available, including their:

  • Color.
  • Habits.
  • Preferred temperature.
  • Temperament.

Sections on food, health, equipment, and helpful hints are also included.
The Tropical Fish Handbook was copyrighted in 1945. This 1953 publication was the tenth edition!

Simple to use and follow … and free!

Free eBook

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