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Summer Fun Activity: Fold & Fly Paper Airplane Designs

Summer Fun Activity: Fold & Fly Paper Airplane Designs

Summer Fun Activity: Fold & Fly Paper Airplane Designs

Here is a great summer fun activity to keep hands busy: experimenting with paper airplane designs! Fold & Fly currently has a database of 47 paper airplane designs.

The database is searchable by how easy or difficult the airplane is to make, as well as models that will excel in the following ways:

  • Distance.
  • Time aloft.
  • Acrobatic.
  • Decorative.

You can also choose whether or not you want to use scissors.

The first entry is the basic paper plane we all know and love — easy to fold and stays in the air a long time. From there the designs become increasingly interesting: everything from a sea glider to a fast hawk.

Each design includes a basic description, step-by-step folding instructions, and a video showing how to fold the plane.

If you are looking for a science tie-in, the database provides a great resource to use when practicing the scientific method.

Great summer activity!


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