Memorial Day Activities {2020}

Memorial Day {Holiday Helps}

Memorial Day {Holiday Helps}

Memorial Day, May 25, 2020

We have updated our Memorial Day Holiday Helps page — activities and resources you can use as a unit study or just suggestions for celebrating Memorial Day. We have added a great video about the history of the holiday.
Memorial Day celebrations will likely be different this year for most families. We have included learning helps to discover the history of the holiday, crafts to make, a flag dessert to create, books that fit the occasion, decorations to hang, and instructions on flying, folding, and handling the flag respectfully.
You’ll also find other activities, printables, free notebooking pages, and more aimed at helping you and your family celebrate Memorial Day.
Our Memorial Day Holiday Helps page has been around since May 24, 2006! And in those 14 years it has expanded and grown. We are honored other sites have found the information helpful in providing ways to celebrate Memorial Day with kids.

Enjoy all of our free Holiday Helps unit studies:

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