Conversations on Harmony {Free eBook}

Conversations on Harmony {Free eBook}

Conversations on Harmony {Free eBook}
Here is a fascinating book for the homeschool handy-mom who decides to teach music theory. Conversations on Harmony by S. M. Fitton is a scripted music text written and published in 1855.

The object of this Work is to explain the rules of Harmony, in so simple a manner, as to bring their practical application within the reach of young students, and, also, to increase the pleasure of mere lovers of music, by enabling them to understand, in some degree, the theory of “sweet sounds.”

The book is divided into 36 lessons or conversations between Edward and Mother. The dialog forms each lesson. Lest this sound rather stilted, the conversations cover a great deal of material in an engaging way, incorporating Latin and Greek roots, historical figures, and other background information to aid understanding rather than just sticking to the facts and figures.

The topics covered include:

  • Basics of scales.
  • Major and minor intervals.
  • Augmented and diminished intervals.
  • Interval inversion.
  • Scales with sharps.
  • Scales with flats.
  • Major and minor scales.
  • Chord formation.
  • Chord positions.
  • Bass accompaniment.
  • Triad inversion.
  • Cadences.
  • Modulation.
  • Much, much more.

The book is heavily illustrated. If you need to know how to play any scale, you will find help here.

An index at the beginning can quickly help you find a specific topic.

Conversations on Harmony is a treasure! And it is free!

Free eBook


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