A Year of Beautiful Thoughts {Free eBook}

A Year of Beautiful Thoughts {Free eBook}
A Year of Beautiful Thoughts {Free eBook}

Here is a wonderful (and free) book of poetry set up to provide one Scripture verse, one illustrative story or quote, and one related poem for each day of the year! A Year of Beautiful Thoughts compiled by Jeanie A. B. Greenough is a perfect book for starting the new year — new decade! — on the right foot.

You will find the resource perfect for copywork, narration, dictation, language arts study — or simply enjoying great poems read aloud. Authors include:

  • Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson.
  • Nathaniel Hawthorn.
  • Washington Irving.
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
  • George MacDonald.
  • Christina Rossetti.
  • John Ruskin.

And many, many other familiar names.

A Suggestion for a Happy New Year.

Suppose we think little about “Number One;”
Suppose we all help some one else to have fun;
Suppose we ne’er speak of the faults of a friend,
Suppose we are ready our own to amend;
Suppose we laugh with and not at other folk,
And never hurt anyone, “just for the joke;”
Suppose we hid trouble, and show only cheer,
‘Tis likely we’ll have quite a “happy new year!”

Mary Mapes Dodge
December 29

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