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How Much Sleep Do Your Children Need?

How Much Sleep Do Your Children Need?

How Much Sleep Do Your Children Need?

How much sleep do your children need? It might be more than you think!

During the holidays, it is especially important to make sure your children get enough sleep. With the extra activities (and sugar) adequate downtime will benefit the entire family. Signs of regular sleep deprivation include:

…irritability, difficulty concentrating, hypertension, obesity, headaches, and depression. Children who get enough sleep have a healthier immune system, and better school performance, behavior, memory, and mental health.

How Much Sleep Do Your Children Need?

One of the easiest ways to make sure everyone is getting enough sleep is to establish a routine. Some balk at feeling constrained by a schedule, but you may find that having an established schedule improves the atmosphere. In addition, sticking to a regular bedtime each night helps develop good sleep habits.

Finally, during this time of year it is tempting to try to fit everything in. Don’t. Instead choose those activities that will be the most important this year and let the rest be scheduled for another year. You may find yourself (and your family) enjoying the season more!


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