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"Thanksgiving" by Henry Coyle

“Thanksgiving” by Henry Coyle

"Thanksgiving" by Henry Coyle

We thank Thee, Father, for Thy care,
For countless blessings that we share;
For all life’s trials, pains and pleasures,
And all its labors and its treasures!

We thank Thee for Thy blessed light,
The sun by day, the moon by night;
For summer’s heat and winter’s blast,
For gloom and shadows o’er us cast;

For hearts with love for Thee imbued,
For tongues to speak our gratitude;
For all Thy blessings from above,
For everything we owe Thy love;

For restful slumber and the gleams
Of Paradise we see in dreams;
For hope that ever upward springs
To Thee, O God, on Faith’s strong wings;
For peace and plenty — grace untold,
And blessings rich and manifold;
Our thanks and praises now are given
To Thee, O Father, Lord of Heaven!

 The Promise of Morning (1899) | Henry Coyle

Online Poetry Anthology

  • Copy the poem into a copybook.
  • Make a list of things you are thankful for.
  • If you’d rather be more creative you can draw or illustrate the things you are thankful for on this free Disney coloring/activity page.
  • Or create a Thankful Tree.
  • Older students can do a Bible word study on thankfulness using this free form.

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