10 Favorite Articles {2018–2019}

10 Favorite Articles {2018–2019}

10 Favorite Articles {2018–2019}

Ten favorite Articles from the archives:

1. Great Deal on My PERFECT Planner!Great Deal on on My PERFECT Planner!



2. 10 Tips for Living on One Income While Homeschooling10 Tips for Living on One Income While Homeschooling



3. 6 Ways to Cut Homeschooling Expenses6 Ways to Cut Homeschooling Expenses



4. 2-Step Daily Schedule2-Step Daily Schedule



5. Making the Case for Educating OurselvesMaking the Case for Educating Ourselves



6. 10 Ideas for Overcoming Lazy Habits10 Ideas for Overcoming Lazy Habits



7. Creating an Educational Bucket ListEducational Bucket List — 6 Things To Do Each Day



8. Making Scripture Study a PriorityMaking Scripture Study a Priority



9. Time-Saving DevicesTime-Saving Devices



10. The Goal of Education?The Goal of Education?




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