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10 Favorite Tools {2018–2019}

10 Favorite Tools ~ 2018–2019

10 Favorite Tools {2018–2019}

Ten favorite tools from the archives for 2018–2019:

Beechick Basics

Dr. Ruth Beechick was a skilled teacher and curriculum developer who considered home the best place to learn.

Find It!

Curating content since 2001! Educational tools and resources at DIY Homeschooler.

The Unit Study Approach

With the Unit Study Approach, an entire family can pursue a topic in depth, while maintaining the interrelatedness of the disciplines.

Free Unit Studies in Chronological Order

For those who are looking for a unit to go with the chronological time frame they are studying, below are the free unit studies we have available listed in rough chronological order. When viewing our units in chronological order, the assigned dates may seem a bit contrived, but were selected to make our units fit…

Our tools include learning calendars, fun ways to celebrate holidays, resource lists, and category favorites. And don’t miss our other resource guides!

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