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Holiday Fun Activity: 20 DIY Thanksgiving Treats!

Holiday Fun Activity: 25 DIY Thanksgiving Treats!

Holiday Fun Activity: 20 DIY Thanksgiving Treats!

Love these 25 fun DIY Thanksgiving treats at Taste of Home! You and your kids can create pretzel turkeys or chocolate caramel turkey legs (Yum!), adorable pilgrim hats or pumpkin milk shakes with these great recipes and instructions!

The 20 treats include:

  • Four different kinds of Thanksgiving-themed cupcakes.
  • Pumpkin whoopie pies. (If you like white gooey middles, you’ll love ’em!)
  • Acorn-shaped cookies.
  • Handprint turkey-shaped cookies.
  • Monkey bread. (Another caramel family favorite!)
  • Milk shakes.
  • Cutout cookies.
  • Treats made from several ingredients to make pilgrims, pilgrim hats, turkeys, and more!

Really a neat selection. Have fun!

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