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Historical Events of Colonial Days {Free eBook}

Historical Events of Colonial Days {Free eBook}

Historical Events of Colonial Days {Free eBook}

Here is a book that is usually a good fit for the beginning of a school year — Historical Events of Colonial Days by Rupert S. Holland. Published in 1916, this free public domain eBook tells the stories of ten figures from early United States history, providing an introductory look at how the colonies began.

Places and people covered include:

  • Roger Williams
    Rhode Island, 1630
  • Peter Stuyvesant
    New York, 1661
  • Edmund Andross
    Connecticut, 1675
  • Nathaniel Bacon
    Virginia, 1676
  • Michael Rowan
    Maryland, 1684
  • Ann Swan
    Massachusetts, 1692
  • William Penn
    Pennsylvania, 1706
  • Blackbeard
    South Carolina, 1718
  • James Oglethorpe
    Georgia, 1732
  • Ethan Allen
    Vermont, 1774

Although told in story form, most of the characters covered were real. Of course, you’ll run across other, perhaps more familiar characters mentioned in the telling.

Historical Events of Colonial Days makes a perfect read aloud. There are 10 chapters, but several of the chapters contain more than one section, creating 25 readings and making this a great resource for younger history students!

Free eBook
  • Create a timeline for the events mentioned.
  • Show the locations mentioned on a map. (You might want to use a map that focuses on the original 13 colonies — see resources below.)
  • Narrate each chapter.
  • Create a character sketch of those individuals focused on.

Additional Resources

13 British Colonies map with labels.

13 British Colonies map without labels.

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