Summer Find: Let’s Go Fishing!

Summer Find: Let's Go Fishin'!
Summer Find: Let's Go Fishin'!

Here is a summer fun activity for everyone: Let’s Go Fishing! And to get you started, the National Park Service has provided a free 9-page activity book that you can download.

The colorful book includes:

  • Safety tips.
  • Types of fish.
  • Fishing history.
  • Types of fishing (i.e., lake, ice, deep sea, etc.)
  • Fishing gear.
  • Regulations.
  • Fishing tips.
  • Games.

As summer winds down, this is a great free resource to take advantage of local parks and waterways to dip in the line — even if the ultimate purpose is to throw the catch back. And, meanwhile, you can learn quite a bit about fish!

Free Resource

Additional Resources

Fish Species
Not to schooly it up too much, but if so inclined you might include photos of those fish you catch (or a description of the one that got away) in a notebook.

Fishing Merit Badge
Boy Scout download for those interested in pursuing the topic further.