Bird Houses Boys Can Build {Free eBook}

Bird Houses Boys Can Build {Free eBook}

Bird Houses Boys Can Build {Free eBook}
Here is one more addition to our free nature studies that we came across as we were updating the series: Bird Houses Boys Can Build by Albert Frederick Siepert. You’ll find our favorite recommendation for birdhouse plans below, but if you are looking for a free option, you will find this title gets the job done. (And of course, it goes without saying — girls can build them, too!)

From the author, who taught at Bradley Polytechnic Institute in Peoria, Illinois:

That boys elsewhere may know the joy of the companionship of birds, this little book is written. Birds will come and live near the houses of men whenever food and water are to be had, safety from enemies is given, and when homes are built for them to replace the shelters nature offered before men came with their cultivated fields and crowded cities. The following pages give pictures and drawings of houses that boys have built and in which birds have lived. These houses are planned for the species of birds that have become accustomed to civilization so that they will inhabit the houses put up for them.

Here are the things you will find covered:

  • The type of birds that will be attracted to nesting boxes.
  • Birdhouse construction plans.
  • Where to place the houses.
  • Food areas.
  • Birdbaths and placement.
  • Enemies of birds to watch for.

If you need more help, the bibliography offers a few more ideas.

We have added this free resource to the bird portion of our free nature studies. Enjoy!


Free eBook


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