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The Children’s Book of Birds {Free eBook}

The Children's Book of Birds {Free eBook}As we were updating our free nature studies, we came across this excellent title: The Children’s Book of Birds by Olive Thorne Miller. This free eBook combines two books the author had written into one, but the books are separately delineated in this title.

Illustrations include sixteen color plates that go along with normal life and habits of birds born from observation rather than scientific detail — all of which will greatly serve young learners.

The book is intended to interest young people in the ways and habits of birds and to stimulate them to further study. It has grown out of my experience in talking to schools. From the youngest kindergarten scholar to boys and girls of sixteen and eighteen, I have never failed to find young people intensely interested so long as I would tell them about how the birds live.

The book covers:

  • The young nestling.
  • The grown-up.
  • How a bird is made.
  • Different ways we interact with birds.
  • The wide variety of bird families.

The last section representing the largest part of the book covers birds from each family in more depth along with identification helps.


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Children’s Book of Birds by Olive Thorne MillerThe Children's Book of Birds {Free eBook}
Paperback version for those interested.