Why You Can’t Just Leave the Track

Real runners never leave the track....

Why You Can't Just Leave the Track
I have been running for decades. Hard to believe. Yes, there were years in there when running was confined to a treadmill, years that I walked instead, and even years when I didn’t lace up the shoes at all. But I’m still running. Real runners never leave the track….

Anyone who breaks that centuries-old chain is like a relay runner who abandons the race before finishing. And what’s at stake in this race is infinitely more important than any earthly trophy. Failure to run well and with endurance would be an inexcusable insult to our Lord, an offense against those who have taught us, a disappointment to those who have trained alongside us, and a grievous sin against those to whom we must hand the baton.

Passing Down the Truth

How will you finish the race?

Why You Can't Just Leave the Track

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