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Things to Do: July 2018

Things to Do: July

We have updated our July learning calendar for 2018. July is always a busy month with barbecues, family gatherings, vacations, and other summer fun. There is usually time in August to regroup and gear up. As such, this month’s “things to do” focuses on traveling, exploring, crafting, reading, and generally making good use of the summer sun, including:

  • 6 free eBooks.
  • 8 of our free unit studies including the Oregon Trail, fun with Wrong-Way Corrigan and compasses, the first steam locomotive, and the Apollo 11 space flight and first moon landing.
  • 10 summer fun ideas for keeping hands busy and minds engaged.
  • 5 favorite finds.
  • Tips for finding time and persevering!
  • Free artist notebooking pages download.

Updated links. Lots of new resources. Enjoy!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month!

Things to Do: Learning Ideas for Each Month