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Wildlife Observation Hike Form {Free Download}

Free Wildlife Observation Hike Form to record the weather and habitat you are exploring, with space for tallies and descriptions.
Wildlife Observation Hike Form {Free Download}

Ready to get outside? Take this Wildlife Observation Hike Form with you. This free download from the National Wildlife Federation provides room to describe the weather and habitat you are exploring. Then the remainder of the two pages includes space for tally marks and descriptions of critters in the following categories:

  • Mammals.
  • Birds.
  • Invertebrates (bugs).
  • Amphibians.
  • Reptiles.
  • Fish.
  • Plants.
  • Fungi/Moss.

There is even a place for “other” — whatever that might be.

If you need help with identification, you’ll find many resources in the Nature portion of our site.

Summer is a great time to explore outside — and at the same time, keep ’em learning!