Things to Do: June 2018

Things to Do: June 2018
Enjoy summer with summer-themed units, Father’s Day helps, free summer-related eBooks, and finds that will keep you busy!

  1. Celebrate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II (June 2).
  2. Read through a series of favorite Robinson-Crusoe-themed books.
  3. Sail up the St. Lawrence River with Cartier (June 9).
  4. Make a travel kit!
  5. Visit Virginia (June 12).
  6. Explore bugs: First Book of Bugs {Free eBook} for younger readers or Young Collector’s Handbook of Ants, Bees, Etc. {Free Bug eBook} for older aficionados!
  7. Celebrate Flag Day (June 14).
  8. Fold something: Paper Sloyd {Free eBook}.
  9. Learn water safety with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (June 16).
  10. Brush up on math: Amusements in Mathematics {Free eBook} or A Review of Algebra {Free eBook}.
  11. Experiment! (Science Experiments & Amusements for Children {Free eBook})
  12. Learn more about the War of 1812 (June 18).
  13. Read: Reading-Literature: The Primer {Free eBook}.
  14. Do something special for a dad on Father’s Day (June 17).
  15. Learn The Story of the First Trans-Continental Railroad {Free eBook}.
  16. Travel the state of Maryland (June 20).
  17. Be handy: American Boy’s Handy Book {Free eBook}
  18. Stand at Little Bighorn with Custer (June 25).
  19. Explore nature: Nature Study Made Easy {Free eBook} or use Nature Study in Elementary Schools {Free Teacher’s Guide}.
  20. Learn how World War I began (June 28).
  21. Pass along these 6 free summer reading titles for young ladies.
  22. Learn more about the creation of Indian Territory (June 30).
  23. Make use of these great finds: