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Free Civics Studies Lesson 16: America's Marvels

Free Civics Studies Lesson 16: America’s Marvels

Free Civics Studies Lesson 16: America's Marvels

Material and intellectual marvels and America’s growth.

Read the current chapter online: “America’s Marvels and America’s Station.”


Learn more about one of the marvels of America:

The Statue of Liberty, a colossal figure representing Liberty Enlightening the World, was designed by a French sculptor, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, a native of Alsace, and was presented to the people of the United States as a gift from the people of France. The statue is on Bedloe’s Island, or Liberty Island, in New York Harbor. It was unveiled in 1886, the majestic figure of a woman holding aloft in her right hand the torch of liberty. In her left arm she carries a tablet bearing the date of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. The statue is 151 feet high. The top of the torch stands over 300 feet above the sea. The weight is 450,000 pounds. Forty persons can stand in the head, reached by a winding stairway.

The statue is made of copper plates over an iron and steel frame. The torch, usually lit up at night, is glass.

“Wonder Questions” from The Book of Knowledge

Additional Resources

Statue History
The engineering, the island, and the preservation.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Statue of Liberty
From the National Park Service.

The Immigrant’s Statue
More from the National Park Service.


Deconstructing History: The Statue of Liberty
(You may want to install an ad blocker before viewing.)

Statue of Liberty
Fascinating video from The History Channel.

Statue of Liberty Unveiled
View the painting by Edward Moran.

Torch Cam
View the world from the torch, or the crown, or simply view the harbor from the Statue of Liberty.

Maryland: A Unit Study

The Star-Spangled Banner illustrated by Peter Spier
We love Peter Spier books. In this title, the words of our national anthem are beautifully illustrated with scenes from the War of 1812. Also contains background history and map, the original text penned by Key, and the words and lyrics to our national anthem. Highly recommended!

Units & Lesson Plans

How Big is the Statue of Liberty?
Lesson plan from the National Park Service that helps you find out!

Why is the Statue of Liberty Blue-Green?
A scientific look.

The Statue of Liberty: Bringing the New Colossus Home
Lesson plan from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Lady Liberty
A unit study that explores how Lady Liberty was used to heal a nation hurting after 9/11.

The Eiffel Tower: A Unit Study

The Eiffel Tower: A Unit Study
Learn more about Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel who designed the statue’s steel framework.

America in Song
Excellent lesson plan exploring “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Yankee Doodle,” “America the Beautiful,” and “America.”

Free History Studies: The Star-Spangled Banner
Learn more about the origin of the song.

America the Beautiful
Lesson plan from that has students describe various American landmarks.

America the Beautiful Quarters
One way to explore American landmarks!

Notebooking Pages & Printables

America’s Marvels Notebooking Pages
Our free and simple notebooking pages for copywork, narrations, dictations, or wrapping up.

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