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The Worst Jokes I Know {Sale: $0.00!}

The Worst Jokes I Know

For three days only you can get The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know a Lot) by B. Patrick Lincoln on Kindle at no cost. Today through Friday (May 2nd through 4th) this illustrated (in color on some Kindle devices) book is available on Kindle as a free download. If you don’t have a Kindle you can still read the book on your computer or another device.

The Worst Jokes I Know (and I Know A Lot) by B. Patrick Lincoln is a collection of “101 Funny Bone Ticklers for Jokesters of All Ages” that answers the lighthearted questions in life, such as:

Why is it inadvisable to read the contents of this book to an egg?

Why was the ground delighted with the earthquake?

And why did the chicken really cross the road?


From the foreword we provided:

Reading and sharing jokes helps children:

  • Develop a sense of humor.
  • Develop their logic skills.
  • Expand their vocabulary.
  • Look at things from various perspectives.
  • Understand subtlety.
  • Lighten up and not take things too seriously.

Good, clean jokes that fit a variety of young children can sometimes be hard to find. In this book the author includes jokes that will appeal on some level to jokesters of all ages.

Kindle Unlimited subscribers will still be able to read the book for free after the sale ends.