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All About Bird Song Interactive + Free Bird Song Download!

All About Bird Song Interactive + Free Bird Song Download!

Here is an excellent interactive from The Cornell Lab to help students identify bird songs! All About Bird Song is part of their Bird Academy where you are trained to identify birds by their songs.

Nine different videos help you learn (and hear) the types of songs birds sing. These videos focus on:

  •  What are songbirds?
  • How songbirds learn their songs.
  • The types of songs they sing.
  • The different dialects birds have.
  • The physical characteristics of birds singing.
  • Common times when they sing.
  • How they sing two notes at once.
  • Why they sing.
  • Which birds do the singing.

After the series of videos, you then progress on to Bird Song Hero Training — learning to identify birds by their song.

The next section provides an interactive animation that shows what is physically happening when a bird sings.

Finally, you can hear birds practicing in the nest and watch humans practicing their bird calls.

While you are at it, be sure to download your Free Bird Songs from Cornell — choose Eastern Backyard Birds or Western Backyard Birds.

Excellent interactive site that we have added to the bird portion of our free nature study lessons!


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