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Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}

Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}

Amazing Birds Teacher Manual {Free}

Also from Cornell! Thirty-one page Amazing Birds Teacher Manual download from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that goes with the free Amazing Birds Student Manual we’ve already linked to provides teaching ideas, background information, resource links, and much more!

The helpful sidebar includes:

  • Concepts covered.
  • Vocabulary.
  • Evaluation goals.
  • Materials needed.

The teacher manual includes links to specific locations on the Cornell site that provide examples of bird songs, flight movies, and more. You will notice that some of the links are not active when you click through. But by entering the bird name in the search box provided, those sounds and videos are accessible.

The back of the manual provides an extensive and helpful resource guide.

Excellent find for nature study and an excellent addition to our free nature studies. Enjoy!


Additional Resources

Amazing Birds Student Manual {Free}Amazing Birds Student Manual {Free}
The student book.


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