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Big Stock Up Sale 30% Off on Phonics, Lapbooks, Art, & More!

Big Stock Up Sale 30% Off on Phonics, Lapbooks, Art, & More!

CurrClick is having a big Stock Up Sale through February 15th. Throughout the sale you can pick up several favorites for 30% off:

Adventures in Phonics from Christian Liberty Press is a simple but effective series and is highly recommended. Along with their Building Spelling Skills series (see 10 Steps to Build a Better Speller for tips on how to use this), we can highly recommend these two books:

Boys and Girls of Colonial Days {Free eBook}Boys and Girls of Colonial Days by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
Christian Liberty Press version — full-color with test packet and answer key. Read our full review.

Stories of the Pilgrims {Free eBook & Activities}Stories of the Pilgrims by Margaret B. Pumphrey
Revised Christian Liberty Press edition with comprehension questions at the end of each chapter. Read our full review.


If you are into lapbooks,  you can get dozens of lapbook sets from Hands of a Child. Among our favorites are these titles that go with our free nature study series (Our Wonderful World):

Free Nature Studies: The Honey BeeHoney Bees Lapbook
Lesson VI: The Honey Bee



Free Nature Studies: Bird GuardiansOwls Lapbook Project Pack
Lesson IX: Bird Guardians



Free Nature Studies: Working Like BeaversBeavers Lapbook
Lesson XXV: Working Like Beavers I
Lesson XXVI: Working Like Beavers II



Free Nature Studies: A Story of the RocksRocks and Minerals
Lesson XXX: A Story of the Rocks



Other titles we recommend:

Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales {Free eBooks}The Tale of Peter Rabbit: A Literature Unit Based on the Book by Beatrix Potter
Included in the 50-page download are discussion questions, recipes, information about rabbits and gardens, and 15 hands-on activities that go great with Beatrix Potter The Complete Tales — free eBooks for all of the tales but one.

Mary Cassatt: A Unit StudyMary Cassatt Lapbook
This 56-page Mary Cassatt Lapbook Project Pack includes a research guide and 17 hands-on activities covering the artist’s childhood, time in art school, life in Europe, creations, awards, and later years. Goes great with our Mary Cassatt unit.

80% Off Favorite Lapbooks {Time Limited}Blueberry Sal
A complete literary guide that goes along with the book Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey. This highly rated lapbook/hands-on unit covers blueberries, bears, and Maine in a hands-on way aimed at younger students. Over 100 pages including a research guide and 29 activities.


If you appreciate books for the ears, you’ll love products from Alcazar Audio Works including Fifty Famous Stories Retold.

Fifty Famous Stories Retold {Free eBook & Activities}Fifty Famous Stories Retold {Free eBook & Activities}
A collection of short stories that teacher and editor of the American Book Company, James Baldwin, thought important to one’s education — the lives of well-known heroes, famous men, and historical figures.


And finally, How Great Thou Art curriculum from Berry Stebbing is also on sale. We highly recommend the following that goes with our horse unit:

The Horse: A Unit StudyWonderful Art of Drawing Horses by Barry Stebbing
“One learns to draw horses. Just like everything else in life it takes time, practice, understanding, and determination.” 81 lessons that include learning to draw facial features, anatomy, markings, and horses in various forms of movement; along with flip-books, journals, examinations, and art appreciation.

We have used other titles with success as well.


Great time to pick up favorites at 30% off!

Enjoy the entire sale:

Big Stock Up Sale 30% Off on Phonics, Lapbooks, Art, & More!