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Frog, The Horse That Knew No Master {Free eBook}

Frog, The Horse That Knew No Master {Free eBook}

Frog, The Horse That Knew No Master {Free eBook}

Here is a great free eBook to read as a family read-aloud or to complement any horse study. Frog, the Horse that Knew No Master by Colonel S. P. Meek is a heart-warming story of adventure in the peacetime cavalry.

Frog is a horse who just needs to be understood. When he finds such a friend, he responds with absolute loyalty and trust. He has earned his name through his high-handed antics — one of which is jumping straight forward without preparation, with typically disastrous results for the rider.

The story is based on the real experiences of Colonel Meek and his first mount in 1919–1920 and provides a look behind the scenes in the peacetime army routine of that time. It is a must-read for horse lovers and will be enjoyed by other readers young and old!

We have added this great resource to our horse unit study!

Free eBook

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