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Mayflower Model Papercraft {Free}

Mayflower Model Papercraft {Free}

Mayflower Model Papercraft {Free}

Here is a simple (and free) papercraft Mayflower model from EduPlace for students to download, color, assemble, and glue. Just in time for Thanksgiving! You’ll find resources for expanding this activity below.

We have added this craft to our Thanksgiving Holiday Helps page where you will find dozens of other Thanksgiving resources including crafts, printables, and more!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Additional Resources

Ships at WorkShips at Work {Free eBook}
Free ebook that explains what the mainmast, foremast, and mizzenmast sails are, among other things.

Diagram that can be used for reference, colored, and/or placed in a Thanksgiving notebook.

Coloring page.

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